Where Smart-TECNIC can Make a Difference

Our main ‘C’ services differs in two ways from manufacturer’s specifications: Firstly, we change the engine’s ‘breather line’; this is a plastic pipe with a one-way valve, and in time this valve will fail and can affect the health and longevity of the engine. Having this pipe changed once or twice during the life of the car will greatly lengthen the lifespan of the engine.

We have earth straps made especially for us.

Secondly, we also change the main earth strap on the engine; the original earth strap is not protected from the elements and deteriorates over time. Our replacement earth strap is sheathed, and will outlast the original item. Having a good earth connection is vital to the sound and proper running of any motor car engine.

These additions to standard servicing have been brought about by our experiences of working on these cars, and highlights our enhanced knowledge and expertise with these cars. Both these operations are included in the price of the main ‘C’ service, and we are certain that neither main dealerships nor  local independent garages would know to carry out these tasks.