Regular Maintainance

Oil and Filter Change:

We recommend an intermediate oil change at 5,000 miles or six months and we can carry this out for just £48. We use fully synthetic oil at exactly the right specification for your car (229.5) which are supplied to us by Mercedes-Benz themselves – exactly the same oil used at the main dealerships.

If pre-booked we can carry out an oil and filter change while you wait, and we will give your car a look over at the same time and we are always happy to have a chat with the Smart owner about their car.

We carry out all other aspects of mechanical work and can supply and fit brakes, exhausts, springs, suspension, ABS rings etc. Just contact us for a quote. Please note: our labour charge is currently £60 per hour including VAT.

Diagnostic Test:

Need a diagnostics plug-in? We carry the MB STAR diagnosis equipment which is a near-dealership level system. We carry out diagnosis for just £48, and we can print a report and clear existing fault codes from your ECU.

Cylinder Leakage Test:

If your car has a mis-fire or you are worried about high oil consumption, we can also carry out a cylinder leakage test. The equipment we use for this pressurises each cylinder of your car’s engine, and determines whether the cylinder has compression, and if not it reveals why not. This test takes about an hour to complete and may need to charge extra for this procedure.

Air Conditioning:

We can carry out re-gassing and repairs to air-conditioning systems on all makes of Smart car at competitive prices. Most problems are caused by a damaged condensor or the fracturing of one particular pipe where it fits into the air-con compressor and we can repair this. We charge £69 for a re-gas, and condensor replacements start from £292.50 inc VAT.


We can re-code keys as required, and can also supply new replacement keys, both of the single and three button type. We charge £75 for the coding of any number of keys including new key fob batteries.  We can also supply new key fobs. Please note: we cannot cut the blade for the keys, a local Locksmiths can at their additional charge.

Timing Chains:

We recommend that timing chains on the first generation (450 and 452 models) are replaced at 75,000 miles, and this is particularly important on the 700cc cars. We carry out this task from £535, depending on model. The timing chain kit is a genuine Mercedes-Benz supplied item and consists of new chain, camshaft and crankshaft sprockets, hydraulic tensioner and tensioner and guide rails.

If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Updated: November 2021