Please change your oil folks…

…Or have us do it for you. Call us (0121 632 6070) and pre-book with us we can change your oil and filter for just £40, while you wait. We use Mercedes-Benz 5w40, which is of exactly the right specification and carries the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer approval MB229.5, and we use genuine Smart-supplied oil filters.
I was prompted to post this offer after a recent engine rebuild, during which I was getting quite depressed at how black and soiled the engine’s internals were, and took the pictures below to show what I mean:
This engine is mounted upside down in the engine stand and the sump has just been removed. The oil pick-up pipe can be seen and is naturally black in colour. The engine parts are the same colour as the pick-up pipe, but they should not be! They are soiled black due to a lack of oil changes. The metal engine parts should not be the same colour as the black plastic pick-up pipe.
(Right) This is the engine block completely stripped and mounted correct way up. The face of the engine nearest the camera is almost jet black in colour. It should not and need not be like this.
This is the underneath of the cam-cover, the uppermost cover of the engine. The natural colour of the metal can be seen underneath the oil-stained grime.
(Right) This is a close-up of the cam-cover.
 Now this is the colour it should be! This is an engine on which we were carrying out a scheduled timing chain replacement. We have drained the oil and removed the sump and timing chain case and this is what we find underneath – components looking exactly as they should, all nice and clean with no black gunge to be seen anywhere. All of the underneath of the engine was the same colour.