Electrical Repairs to smart cars

A Smart City-Coupe came to us with non working headlights which we traced to this badly damaged connector on the SAM unit. It looked as though a bodged repair had been undertaken previously. At Smart-TECNIC we were able to source a connector to replace the damaged one and light was restored.



Repair to Smart Roadster Headlight Wiring

We have seen a number of Roadsters now with corroded wiring to the headlamps, rendering them inoperative. This also sometimes leads to a damaged 11-3 connector to the SAM unit as seen above.
We snip off the relevant wires at the damaged SAM connector and connect them to a feed taken from their respective fuses. We then replace the wiring to both lamps, running the new wire through sleeving and cable tie-ing to the existing loom.  Result is two working headlights, fresh wiring which is still protected by fuses and no further heat build up in the vital connector to the SAM nor further damage to the expensive SAM unit itself.
As of 2016: To replace plug 11-3 only we charge £146.52.
To replace the headlight wiring and by-pass the SAM connector we charge £185 inc vat.
To replace the headlight wiring, by-pass the SAM connecter and replace the connecter itself if badly damaged, we charge £265.00 all inclusive.  Prices subject to change.
(When replacing a badly damaged plug 11-3 we may still by-pass the headlight connections because often the headlight terminals on the SAM unit have been damaged by excessive heat. So far we have found our repairs to be effective and have avoided the need to replace the SAM unit itself).