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Servicing Information and prices

Regular servicing helps to ensure that your Smart Car operates in a reliable and efficient manner. It is possibly the single-most important factor in ensuring the longevity of your car’s life. Regular car servicing helps to ensure the safety and performance of your Smart Car, as well as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have done all you can to ensure your vehicle’s safety and efficiency.
Using our knowledge and experience at Smart-TECNIC we have been able to create a servicing schedule specifically tailored for Smart cars. We have combined official service schedules with the lessons we have learned through our time working on these cars to create a schedule that will enable us to service Smart Cars far better than the ordinary garage or even the main dealerships.
The smart car owner who uses Smart-TECNIC can be assured that he or she is receiving the very best care and attention for the serving and maintenance of their cars. The prices below were correct at the time of publishing but may have changed since, please call us on 0121 632 6070 to confirm.
Smart Car Model Type of Service Price
City Coupe/ForTwo Pre 2007 A Service 95.00
City Coupe/ForTwo Pre 2007 B Service 180.00
City Coupe/ForTwo Pre 2007 C Service 225.00
Roadster (non-coupe) A Service 95.00
Roadster (non-coupe) B Service 195.00
Roadster (non-coupe) C Service 245.00
Roadster-Coupe A Service 95.00
Roadster-Coupe B Service 225.00
Roadster-Coupe C Service 255.00
Brabus Roadster (non-coupe) A Service £110
Brabus Roadster (non-coupe) B Service £235
Brabus Roadster (non-coupe) C Service £270
Brabus Roadster-Coupe A Service £110
Brabus Roadster-Coupe B Service £250
Brabus Roadster-Coupe C Service £285
Smart 451 2007> A Service 105.00
Smart 451 2007> B Service 185.00
Smart 451 24k mile service 24 k air, oil and plugs 185.00
Smart 451 CDi 2007> A/ Oil Plus Service 95.00
Smart 451 CDi 2007> B Service without brake fluid 140.00
Smart 451 CDi 2007> B Service with brake fluid 170.00
Smart ForFour A service 110.00
Smart ForFour B Service 195.00
Smart ForFour B Service with A/C 210.00
Smart ForFour Brabus B Service 270.00
Smart ForFour Diesel A Service 120.00
Smart ForFour Diesel B Service 170.00
All 2 Seat Models Intermediate 5,000 Oil and Filter Change 35.00
All Models Full MB STAR Diagnostic Check 54.00
All Models Air Conditioning re gas 80.00
All Models Clutch Adjustment, Mechanical and Electronic 54.00
Smart 450/Roadster Key Recoding 55.00
Smart City/Fortwo Brake pads replacement 59.75
Smart City/Fortwo Brake light switch replacement 65.00